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Koinonia Groups (KG)


In Hebron, KG stands for Koinonia Group. The term is used to refer to a cell group. Koinonia is Greek for fellowship. As the number of members and friends in Hebron Church grows, the best way to help them integrate into the ‘body’ of Hebron Church, make friends, have healthy fun, and develop their individual gifts for their ministries, is to encourage them to join a KG. Members of a KG meet to study the Bible, pray and have fellowship with one another. A KG also renders pastoral care and support to their KG members in times of crisis and grief.  KGs can also involve themselves in other ministries together, e.g. going on mission trips and attending prayer meetings.



The overall KG Ministry is under the charge of an appointed member of the  ministry staff. The KG Core Group (comprising lay-leaders, ministry staff, and the Elder-in-Charge of the KG Ministry) is involved in the planning, executing and evaluating of the KG Ministry’s programmes. The KG Core Group provides pastoral oversight and care to the KG leaders, while the KG leaders provide pastoral oversight and care to their KG members.



The purpose in having the Koinonia Groups is as indicated in the KG Ministry’s mission statement: To edify every KG member to mature in Christ through Bible-study, fellowship and prayer.


Why a KG?

KG is where we can nurture our Christian faith, grow by learning more about God and the Bible, and apply biblical truths in our lives.

KG is where we can learn to pray for one another; and pray for our own needs and the needs of others.

KG is where we can experience warmth and true fellowship; and learn to share with, love and serve one another.

KG is where we can help one another in our struggles in the journey of our Christian walk, to live victoriously.

KG is where we can be accountable to one another on our progress in our spiritual life.


More Information on Our KGs

Are you a member or friend of Hebron B-P Church? Do you want to know more friends from Hebron? Join a KG then, as it is a great way to fellowship, learn more about Christ and encourage one another on through prayer! Talk to your pastor.


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Accountability Exercise

Members attending the English worship services, please note that the Accountability Exercise will be done on Communion Sundays. Do have your IDs with barcodes on hand from October.

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