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Young Adults

Imagine a small wooden boat out in the ocean. From comfortable seas and warm sunshine, you suddenly find yourself in the midst of a thunderstorm.

The waves threaten to throw you overboard. You paddle furiously, hoping to find some refuge, but the conditions are overwhelming.

Welcome to Young Adulthood. A time in life when the world hits you with information like a tonne of bricks - what to study, where to work and who to marry. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

It certainly can be an intimidating time. Just like the person in the boat, you begin to ask what you can do to survive? Who can you rely on in such a time? How did you get here in the first place?

Let us introduce you to Hebron’s Young Adult Fellowship (YAF). A place for you to discover that you are not alone in the boat. And there are others who have successfully sailed through the storm ahead of you.

In the YAF, we meet regularly to eat, play, and spend time studying the Bible, God’s holy word. By doing so, we begin to forge life-long friendships that withstand time and season. But more importantly, we help each other find a sure footing in this tumultuous world.

Come join us if you are between 19 to 35 years old. Feel free to give us a ring at 67661221 or better still, visit our Facebook page. We would love to get to know you and answer any question you may have.

We hope to see you soon. And by the way, no paddle is required.

Hebron YAF - Building a ministry of young adults who Love God, Love His Word and Love His People. 


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Accountability Exercise

Members attending the English worship services, please note that the Accountability Exercise will be done on Communion Sundays. Do have your IDs with barcodes on hand from October.

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