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Hebron Bible-Presbyterian Church is described as evangelical by those who understand the jargon. At most times, we are known to be conservative, being more concerned with the substance and less of the form. We are therefore, casual in demeanour but exact in standing for what the Bible teaches. Our desire is for everyone in the church to know and play their parts, contributing to a radiant church. We started out in 1971 as a church-plant by Mt Carmel Bible-Presbyterian Church. The church met in homes and subsequently in various rented or borrowed locations. Although we have been in our present location since 1996, our early years etched in our culture that the church is made up of her people first then the building. We value people and seek to grow them in fuller appreciation of the gospel.

We wish to do more for Jesus Christ and seek individuals who desire to fulfil God's will in their lives through full-time employment in the church. With God's provision, we have job openings as listed below. At other times, do write to us and tell us how God has been speaking to you. Do include a complete resume. Our staff are broadly of two types: Pastoral/Ministry and Administrative. In all cases, please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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华语部干事 Written by Kelvin Chan Hits: 72
Female Pastoral Counsellor Hits: 209

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Accountability Exercise

Members attending the English worship services, please note that the Accountability Exercise will be done on Communion Sundays. Do have your IDs with barcodes on hand from October.

If you would like to contact a certain staff member directly, their phone extensions can be found here.

Our business hours are:
Mon-Fri  9:00am-5:00pm
(Closed on Public Holidays)