Questions Concerning the Constitution Amendment to Article Three

Question 1:

Why did we opt for Hebron Christian Preschool for the kindergarten name? Having the word ‘Christian’ put outright in our branding may put off pre-believers / people of other faiths from registering their children with us.

From Cassandra Yeo


Many church kindergartens have been associated with the name of the church, e.g. Zion BP Church owns Zion Kindergarten. This branding is useful for Christian outreach. However, Hebron Preschool is not used, as Hebron has always been associated with the West Bank and Palestinian conflict. Therefore “Hebron Christian Preschool” is used to make it clearer that the name is linked directly to the church.

With regard to the concern of whether the word ” Christian” will turn off parents of other faiths, we could look at the history of the kindergarten. When the kindergarten was named ” Choa Chu Kang Bible Centre Kindergarten”, there was a deliberate attempt to include “bible” in the name, to show the Christian distinctiveness in the education offered. The non-Christian parents of our Kindergarten children had enrolled them fully knowing and many, especially because we offer our Christian moral education as part of the curriculum. Based on this experience, we are confident that the parents will not act adversely to the “Christian” in our new Kindergarten name.

Question 2:

I do not think its good practice for us to vote on constitutional changes to the church on an online form. Reading things on a computer increases the tendency of the reader to scan through instead of reading the change properly and have a higher chance of skimming past important facts/implications. While I may approve of the constitutional change, in my opinion, this is a dangerous precedent to continue moving forward. Is this voting online something we will continue to do moving forward as a church? 

From Ooi Ming Sheng


We fully agree with your observation that an important decision like a constitutional change is better done with the member able to read the physical text of what they have been asked to vote on and a good explanation on the rationale for the change. 

As you know, we are holding our coming ACM in the extraordinary circumstances created by the COVID-19 situation. We do not anticipate this to continue in to the 2022 ACM, fully expecting to revert to the normal, physical meetings. In which case, of course, we would have the ability to provide physical and digital text of the constitutional change. 

In the unlikely event that the COVID-19 conditions persist for a really extended period, and we need to undertake a vote on a constitutional amendment or any other matters, we would take your suggestion and send the physical copy of the text detailing the background and rationale for the vote as part of the Notice of ACM documents. 

Question Concerning the Church and COVID-19


COVID is a demanding period for the Church. It is my experience that a heavy demand was placed on a small group of Youth and Young Adults in bringing about the Sunday airing and conduct of worship services. Is the leadership aware of the situation? Resources could have been better mobilised and deployed through better communication. How can such concerns be effectively communicated to the Pastors and Church leader so that we avoid a recurrence in the future? 

From Moses Heng


The effort required in running the church has been more considerable than regular times, placing heavy demands on the church staff and members. I believe that the Pastors, Ministry Workers and Volunteers did their best they could in planning and execution. However, there were gaps that we did not address and lessons for us to learn so as to do better for the future. Much of the demanding technical work of airing and conducting the English worship services fell on the youth and young adults. We certainly did not want to over-tax them, but the technical and musical skills required by the circumstances primarily resided with this group of young people, for which we are very thankful. It has been a great labour of love on their part. As a post-mortem, we should have been more effective in deploying and mobilising people in the running of the worship services so as to assess how to reduce the demands on the SEWS worship team. We need to set up communication channels and meeting to receive feedback to ensure that the staff and volunteers are able to cope well, and their suggestions received to improve things. We have certainly taken onboard the feedback you have given here. 

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Nominees for Session Election/Re-election 2021 (长执选举候选人)


Nominated for Office of Elder (长老)

Proposer: Eld Tony Wong Wee Fang (王惟方长老)

Seconder: Eld David Tan Cheow Beng (陈招明长老)

Boon Peng received Christ in December 1991 and has been in Hebron since 1992. He started serving in the Session as a deacon in 2004 and was ordained an elder in 2012. Boon Peng is married to Eng Chiew and they have three adult children: Ming Sheng (30), Rui Ting (27) and Yu Ting (25).



Nominated for Office of Deacon (执事)

Proposer: Eld Koh Kok Seng (许国胜长老)

Seconder: Eld Tony Wong Wee Fang (王惟方长老)

God, in His grace, led Reggie to Hebron in 2001 and blessed him with a personal relationship with him thereafter. Reggie currently serves in the CCKBC Management Committee and is a KG leader, worship leader, and musician in SEWS. He is also involved in the CDS ministry. Married to Siok Meng, they have two daughters: Ry-Anne (23+) and Rae-Anne (19+).

感谢神的恩典,让Reggie弟兄在2001年来到希伯仑堂并蒙恩召认识主。他是教堂管理委员会的委员之一,第二堂英语聚会的团契小组长、司会和乐师, 也在青年门训事工服事。他已婚及有两名分别是23及19岁的女儿。


Nominated for Office of Deacon (执事)

Proposer: Eld Koh Kok Seng (许国胜长老)

Seconder: Eld Tony Wong Wee Fang (王惟方长老)

Fred received Christ in his childhood through the Mount Carmel Gospel Mission. He has been in Hebron for over 33 years. He currently chairs and leads worship at SEWS; and is the treasurer for the church. Fred is married to Joyce and they have two children: Ben (30) and Sarah-Ann (26).



Nominated for Office of Deacon (执事)

Proposer: Rev Nathanael Tan Woon Soo (陈恩书牧师)

Seconder: Rev Ian Heng Yoke Ing (王育荣牧师)

Luai Hong Dong has been a member of Hebron Church for 21 years. He is a managing director in an automation company. He is married to Caroline and they have 3 children: Jonathan (28 years old), Rachel (24 years old) and Tabitha (22 years old). Luai is leading the Yew Tee KG as well as administrating in the Homework with Friends ministry. He is also in the 49ers Ukulele Core Group.

丰栋弟兄成为希伯仑堂会友已有21年。他目前是一家公司的执行董事,已婚,育有三名成年孩子,分别为28 、24及22岁。他的事奉包括:团契小组长和“功课之友” 外展事工的行政负责人。他也是英语部49团契尤克里里琴核心小组成员之一。


Nominated for Office of Pastor

Proposer: Eld Ooi Boon Peng (黄文彬长老)

Seconder: Emmanuel Puah Jian Horng (潘健鸿)

Ian was raised in a Christian home and he received Christ as Saviour at 13. He has been on the Hebron Pastoral staff since 1997 and is the Pastor-at-large. He is married to Esther and they have two married children in Hebron and one granddaughter.



Nominated for Office of Pastor

Proposer: Rev Ian Heng Yoke Ing (王育荣牧师)

Seconder: Eld Ooi Boon Peng (黄文彬长老)

At 18, Nat came to Christ through a Bible study on Romans. On staff with Hebron for 14 years, he oversees the outreach and prayer ministries. He is married to Irene and is father to Elijah (12) and Elizabeth (10). His passion is life transformation through the Word and prayer.

恩书牧师在18岁时通过查考罗马书而归向主。他在希伯仑堂全时间事奉已有14年,负责外展及祷告事工。他已婚也是两名孩子的爸爸,他们分别是12及10 岁。他热衷于以神的话及祷告去改变生命。

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